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In Online Market, a Coupon is a Code or Ticket No that can be applied for the financial discount or refund when customer purchasing a product or service from the provider. The service or product provider (Business Person) releases these coupons to promote their business and to attract new customers to their business.

Coupon website is basically a website which provide or you can say help to distribute coupons code to the buyer, in the form of code, code can be numerical number or alphanumeric it is depend on seller.

Coupons are provided by online E-commerce website to attract new customers to their business.

Validity of coupons code can vary from seller to seller, it might be valid for one hour to one month, there is no hard and fixed rule for this, it is totally up to seller. But kindly check the validity of coupons/offers before applying it.

Coupons can be used by anyone who is going to shop online yes you must be online seller that’s it nothing else you need; there is no other criterion for it.

The application of coupons code depend on website of seller, however generally coupon code is applied at the time of making final payment or one step before the payment. Following are the steps that can be used to redeem coupons code

  • 1. Search for the desire products.
  • 2.Select the product and add it to cart.
  • 3. Now go for check out option.
  • 4.Fill up your shipping and billing details.
  • 5. Apply coupons code.
  • 6. Go for final payment.
  • 7.That`s it

There might be following reasons;

  • 1.Coupon has been expired.
  • 2. Coupon is not applicable for the product that you have selected.
  • 3.You may have entered wrong coupon code.

Saving amount depend on % of discount offered by E-commerce website.

It can be 1% to 100% so it is totally depend on online E-commerce website.

If you don`t want to use coupon, don`t need to worry only make final payment nothing else you have to do.

Technically there is no difference both are used for getting discount however validly may vary.


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